Yolandi Visser Naked (23 Photos)

Nude photos of Yolandi Visser. Crazy sexy girl! Yolandi Visser is best known as a vocalist in the South African rap-rave group Die Antwoord. Age 30.


Yolandi Visser Naked 01

Yolandi Visser Naked 02

Yolandi Visser Naked 03

Yolandi Visser Naked 04

Yolandi Visser Naked 05

Yolandi Visser Naked 06

Yolandi Visser Naked 07

Yolandi Visser Naked 08

Yolandi Visser Naked 09

Yolandi Visser Naked 10

Yolandi Visser Naked 11

Yolandi Visser Naked 12

Yolandi Visser Naked 13

Yolandi Visser Naked 14

Yolandi Visser Naked 15

Yolandi Visser Naked 16

Yolandi Visser Naked 17

Yolandi Visser Naked 18

Yolandi Visser Naked 19

Yolandi Visser Naked 20

Yolandi Visser Naked 21

Yolandi Visser Naked 22

Yolandi Visser Naked 23

58 thoughts on “Yolandi Visser Naked (23 Photos)

    1. Tony

      Exactly. What a freak. I wouldn’t touch that ugly thing if you paid me a thousand bucks. Holy CRAP, what is wrong with that thing? Clinically insane I’d surmise.

      1. Lord Dice

        Why would she Photoshop a pair of mismatched tits and hanging labia? It doesn’t make sense, either is real, or she chose to make herself look like that? ;when she could Photoshop any tits and pussy onto her body she chose these randomly to be her fakes. …? Haha

      1. Namndhsj

        Uh no. In the album cover her nipples and vagina lips are not shown. Why the fuck would she actually be nude like that on an album COVER. Check again

    1. David Davids

      um no. its altered in that she has the markings/glyphs but its her nude body. look at the hips,legs. I mean,i dont know how to tell you to “see” either you have keen eyes or you dont. sorry youre a dumb-bo.

    2. jack

      yeah its a real image but the nipples and pussy have been photoshopped on because this image was released with them removed

    3. R.B

      Nope. It was a promo photo for an album or tour or something. In the end it was edited so she was “smooth like a barbie doll”, but this is the original pre-edited photo

    4. Big ducks

      It’s from a music video they shot, her tits and vag were edited out in the video but a photographer snuck away with that full frontal. It’s real

  1. General Grievas

    Give her a normal (what ever that is) hair cut, take away the stupid, random tatts, take out the stupid piercings fix her teeth and she would be a pretty lady.

    Right now………..frightening.

    1. deadlyways

      you sure are some kind of dumbfuck short bus retard huh? look at the world we live in…..take away all the shit that make people why they are? I bet you’re some fat dumbass kid just looking for something to fap to

    2. Cantspellgreviousproperly

      Give you a much bigger dick, a decent personality and a lot of education and you may become a useful guy.

  2. Assifotzen

    The first one is fake in the sense that the real picture has her boobs and pussy airbrushed. In the picture posted here the boobs and pussy from some other girl are edited in. The shape of her boobs in the album cover also doesn’t correspond with those shown here. And the 4th pic isn’t her at all.

  3. Johnf189

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  4. Johnc954

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  5. D. Strut.

    Insecure men with small cocks always use the word ugly to attack women, it’s the most basic rule of Psychology, but deep down they hate all women because they know they can never satisfy one.
    A real man finds beauty in every woman, and would never be that immature, classless or undignified to insult a female. The one good thing you can take from insults written here by small cocked cowards hiding behind their PC’s, is how sad and pathetic their lives must be………….

    1. Dan Deek

      You do realize everyone has a particular taste right? just like how women say men are ugly women can be just as ugly no one has to appreciate everyones looks and never will your post is highly inflammatory and childish and a clear sign you are just an easy to insult little girl who probably few people like and thus you need to attack any and everyone who insults your sensibilities no matter how thin a slight is against you or anyone for that matter, it’s sad to know that there are people as unhappy and childish as you in the world

  6. Tired of Dumbasses

    The first one’s fake? And the reason to believe that is because her breasts and vagina were airbrushed on the album cover? Do you think that when the photographer snapped the pic, it automatically developed with the airbrush in place? No. She was actually naked, and the photo came out with her actually naked. The editor put in the airbrush later. Hence, her nudity, unairbrushed, in the photo above.

    1. Will

      Stupid wanker! Lol she’s south African! I personally think she’s very attractive but then I am an ugly as shit German… Never mind hey

  7. if I had to choose between an innocent looking Catholic schoolgirl-type or a foulmouthed tweaker for an unbeatable, unforgettable fuck session – I’d definitely pick the foulmouthed tweaker!!
    > the best shags I’ve had were all with dirty lil skanks – the innocent acting girls are fun, but ultimately nowhere nearly as enjoyable…

    ~ i’d seriously pay BigBucks for a chance to go down on Yolandi Vi$$er!!

  8. Freaky-a-lot

    yollandi visser klop al weer aan vir n nai! ek het haar laas sleg gevat! haar vet poes hard gepiel

  9. Major Rager

    Why do I find this skank so sexy? Her voice fucking annoys me so much, but the more I hear it, the more I want to fuck her senseless.


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