Sahara Ray & Justin Bieber Naked (10 Photos)

New topless censored photos of Sahara Ray with Justin Bieber naked in Hawaii, 08/06/2016. New ‘penis’ flash mob! Sahara Ray is an Australian model and Bieber’s girl. Age: 23 (March 10, 1993).


Sahara Ray & Justin Bieber Naked 8

Sahara Ray & Justin Bieber Naked 1 Sahara Ray & Justin Bieber Naked 2 Sahara Ray & Justin Bieber Naked 3 Sahara Ray & Justin Bieber Naked 4 Sahara Ray & Justin Bieber Naked 5 Sahara Ray & Justin Bieber Naked 6 Sahara Ray & Justin Bieber Naked 7


Sahara Ray Topless sahara ray topless new

25 thoughts on “Sahara Ray & Justin Bieber Naked (10 Photos)

  1. bandit i love ur cock

    Everyday and night i was hoping to see justin’s little dingy dongy..i was dreaming about this day everysecond..i went on dirtyimagine..on fanfiction sites..i was stalking him all gay and im proud..but after i saw his dick..its so gonna die..allah take me to the skies and give me back my purity my soul my virginity and my male genitals i love you allahu akbar

  2. bobofromyellowstone

    The only thing I actually want to see is censored.

    also what the fuck with that bush? he is already a manlet. I guess he is going for hobbit.


    here is one of her pics uncensored but this site should go to the photo agency and get the rest there was also at least one other topless girl

  4. ballen

    hahahahaha the penis was almost as tiny as biber him self haha

    must be hard to have a inferiority complex already due to being the size of a 8 year old, but he have a penis the same size as well, pathic
    and he have full bush to pretend his penis is bigger haha

    too bad the rednecks failed to cut his balls off as they planned, had spared many women his tiny dick

  5. Horizon

    Small? Do you even have penises? Or brains? The average penis size in the U.S is 5.6 inches erect. And that looks to be just above average. Besides who the fuck cares anyway. The fact that you all took the time to look at it obviously shows how stupid you really are.

    1. ballen

      WHAT AVG IS and what small is cant be the same you mean ?
      just because I have the average size wrench in my garage does not mean i dont have a small one as well

      if the average penis would be 1″ it would still be small, hopefully you understand, I dont know how to dumb it down more so an american can understand

      real men have an avg of 8″ erect, below 6″ is tiny and above 9″ is huge
      ANY girl that claim 6″ is enough is just lying to make the man feel better about his small penis which he cant change.

      americans, lol, jay leno have showed us so much of you guys….

      1. Nathan

        REAL MEN. WOW YOU ARE BEYOND STUPID. This is the dumbest thing I have seen ever. EVER. Real men don’t have an average of 8 inches. Average penis size for the WORLD is 5.1 inches erect. And below 6 inches is tiny? Wake the fuck up. 8 inches erect is well above average. You make the worst arguments ever and i’m betting all you do is watch porn if that’s what you think is the truth. I would also like to say that i’m not american, and wherever you are from is clearly not a very smart place in the world. Also if 5.6 inches is the average in the U.S that would mean 6 inches is average and anything above 6.5 is well above it.


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