Poll: Lake Bell vs. Alison Brie

Lake Bell

Alison Brie

Lake Bell or Alison Brie?

  • Alison Brie (71%, 20,588 Votes)
  • Lake Bell (29%, 8,518 Votes)

Total Voters: 29,106

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20 thoughts on “Poll: Lake Bell vs. Alison Brie

      1. Willis G

        dont’ forget AJ – he sucks ass too… they are like the 3 stooges of this board – without the charm

          1. pboi

            I already told u cocksuckers that I like women only…so stop w/ ur obsession w/ me. fucking dumbass losers. I try not to comment too much because I don’t want to lose brain cells from the stupidity that comes out of u fucking retarded, dumbass, fudge packing, douchebag

  1. Dudekid

    I’ve only tangentially jerked it to Lake Bell, when she was nude in that film with what’s her name from the league, Katie something, so she got my wanking anyway attention. Alison Brie on the other hand I would shoot thick ropes over

  2. Jpizza

    Imo lake bell has one of the best pairs of tits in Hollywood. I’d prefer bell but if a contest of beauty alison brie hands down

  3. Monty Python and the Wholey Fuck I hate Zippos

    bell has great tits I mean great, but without the make up isn’t all that, but did I mention she has nice tits

  4. Zippo

    Hey F W, I’m sorry your mom looks like old dried up shit while mine still looks like she’s in her twenties. All of you thirsty virgin fucks drool over Alison Brie and she isn’t even close to being hot or sexy. She’s a 4 at most and that’s being generous. I’d rather fuck Maitland Ward and that’s saying something. Almost every girl that I went to high school and college with and basically every girl I see in a store is better looking than Alison Brie. It’s not my fault that 95% of you are sexually frustrated little boys that are still in middle school and high school that’s never been laid, let alone see a woman naked in real life so you all go nuts when you see a woman in a bathing suit and all of you virgins claim she’s the hottest thing since firearms that could shoot more than one time in 5 minutes.

    1. Zippo imposter #??

      This is an imposter^^. There are actual real sentences and a cogent thought pattern in that post. That is NOT the work of the original intellectually challenged zippo the sackless attention whore.


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