Olivia Lua Naked (10 Photos)

Porn actress Olivia Lua dead at 23 to become fifth adult actress to pass away in 3 months. R.I.P.


32 thoughts on “Olivia Lua Naked (10 Photos)

  1. Biggj

    This site is becoming an lame. It should be for the leaked and other hard to find photos. I can find this post on any other porn site..

    1. ^Loser^

      …and I’m sure they will really miss you when you and your sticky keyboard doesn’t come here anymore for free, you sad twat!

  2. Name

    When you factor in all the people who have done or currently do porn which is shit tons well over 100,000 it’s really not that many. Also Not a “conspiracy”.

  3. aiwendil

    According to news report she just started her porn “carreer” in April 2017 and has been ill since October 2017 – because of drug problems. She went to a hospital where she got medicines. Now it is reported that her death is supposed to be caused by a combination of this medicine, alcohol and drugs. It does not surprise me: Who can stand such kind of life – being a sex toy used and filmed for money?

  4. Harvey Weinstein

    Let’s all just calm down and celebrate Olivia’s life by watching her suck a dick and take it in the ass.

  5. RustyTrombone™️

    Emergency Room staff claim she came in with symptoms of a cum overdose. Hospital staff quickly began pumping her stomach but she sadly died during the procedure. The Autopsy report showed she had 23 pints of Hepatitis B & Sickle Cell laden semen in her stomach. A very sad day for us all.

    1. Just sayin

      You can’t trademark giving someone a rusty trombone. Doug has been giving one to AJ since they met on the site. Although Doug has said there isn’t much of a slide, except mud.

  6. Vulture

    There are no more pornstars. Nobody is a star anymore. These days, porn “stars” leave the business as soon as they are made, hoping to use their popularity to springboard themselves into a more mainstream and lucrative career. There are just people in porn. There will be dozens of more of these this year. You won’t even hear about most of them. Life sucks and then you die.


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