Nicki Minaj Sexy (79 Pics + Videos & Gifs)

Here are the photos of rapper Nicki Minaj, 34, by Ellen von Unwerth for Paper Magazine Break The Internet Issue (Winter 2017) + BTS.


31 thoughts on “Nicki Minaj Sexy (79 Pics + Videos & Gifs)

        1. Lou

          She is getting that ass waxed at least once a week. You catch her after that…Oh, baby!!! That will taste better than any meal you’ve had in your life!

  1. Junkiepete

    Every so often you gotta smear vasaline on the lense of a disposable camera and take some worthless pics of a shaved mule. There’s money in it 😉

    1. Andrea

      And what if you better learn to express appreciation for a girl in other way? And young man, you will understand that respect is on basic and any true girl know it, you gotta understand it one day.

  2. Pissed Off

    Super disappointed in this. I heard about the Paper Magazine shoot with her on the Howard Stern Show, claiming it was their most provocative photo shoot since Kim Kardashian posed completely nude a few years ago. I expected to at THE VERY LEAST see nipples, but this is no different than her everyday attire. I’m not mad at her – she has the right to show as much or as little as she wants, but Paper Magazine shouldn’t be out there touting this as something it is NOT. Especially with the title, “Breaking the Internet.” How dumb.

    1. Andy

      What a dumb man could say it. What about if your ancestors have did it to you, would you still be happy? I guess no. And that’s the main reason why a few white people gotta stop with this racism comments. If I was your daddy, but glad I ain’t honestly I would teach you what respect is, and that respect is the first main rule that we all gotta reach at especially nowadays.
      And one more thing, this came out from a white man too, though it doesn’t mean white people think the same way as you did. You gotta feel the shame now and realize you were thinking wrong, definitely one day.

  3. Anderson

    Jealousy of people, they better look at themselves before talk, damn, before say it insubstantial insults that do not have a true drop, and they know she’s a smart, beautiful, and angel beauty. And I gotta leave this website too. Have a nice day.


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