Lucy Collett Sex Tape (5 Screencaps)

Check out some screencaps from Lucy Collett’s private video. Maybe it’s not her. Lucy Collett is a British model. Born: 3 March 1989.


14 thoughts on “Lucy Collett Sex Tape (5 Screencaps)

    1. SS

      Actually, Lucy collett was extra hot a few years back, when she was still thin and normal… Back then she was doing fully nude photoshoots showing pussy and everything.

  1. CM Geek

    Who is this faggot cuck!? Lucy Collette is suck your cock and you’re lying down like a bitch?? Get up and face fuck that whore. Faggot ass bitch is probably getting his ass hole licked.
    Re previous comments, these are clearly ten plus years old when Lucy was young and anorexic

    1. Me

      agree bro, faggotry is in increase these days. a lot of women needs to be man-handled, instead, they are to be given to eunuchs and cucks.

  2. mr supra

    For God’s sake, people, this is NOT Lucy. The mole is absent, her nose bridge is a different shape, and the hairline is wrong. I don’t know who this is, but it isn’t Lucy, and her name should be removed from this; the poor woman is probably getting a bunch of annoying messages now. Make sure you have your identities right before you try to demean someone like this.

    Also, “Carlos T. Jackal” can go to Hell. Lucy is stunningly beautiful, and if you can’t see that, you don’t deserve to look at her.


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