Kristen Stewart Sexy (8 Photos)

View new sexy photos of Kristen Stewart for V Magazine (Spring 2017). Kristen Stewart is an American actress (Personal Shopper). Age: 26 (born April 9, 1990).

18 thoughts on “Kristen Stewart Sexy (8 Photos)

  1. JT

    Everyone’s having a go at these girls for looking like Bieber. You think maybe it’s the fact that Beiber looks like a girl?

  2. SoKo

    After vewing these photos, I really feel sorry for Rupert Sanders, (the guy she had an affair with.)
    That guy has;
    1. Been divorced from, quite frankley, his sexy wife.
    2. Only has visitation rights to this two children.
    3. Paid a shit tonne of money from the devorce settlement.
    4. Compleately fucked up his job, (has never directed another film since.)
    5. His reputation now reads, ‘the man who had a affair with Kristen Stewart.’

    I seems ironic that after all that, it turns out she is just another ugly dyke.

    What an almighty fuck up!

    I wouldn’t piss on her if she was on fire. What a Bitch!

    1. Clark

      No man who is dumb enough to get married in this day and age has my sympathy. He would have been better off following Willie Nelson’s advice and just found a woman who hates him and bought her a house.

      1. SoKo

        Hey pharoahegypt (what an ego!)

        3 spelling mistakes, that’s what you took from that.
        A ruined family.
        And you complain about spelling.
        Your moral compass is as fucked as hers is.
        Here’s a message for you ‘oh mighty pharaoh’


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