Kristen Stewart Leaked (20 Photos)

Here are new private photos of Kristen Stewart. Kristen Stewart is an actress (Personal Shopper (2016)). Age – 27 years old.

47 thoughts on “Kristen Stewart Leaked (20 Photos)

  1. Otto Didact

    Correction:Kristen Stewart is ALLEGED to be an actress. She is also allegedly nice to look at. I disagree. But different strokes for different folks. Some guys consider Miley Cyrus good looking, too. No accountin’ for taste.

    1. WashedUp

      She can’t act her way out of a paper bag. She spends millions on PR to try and convince people she’s an actress. Her career is dead, which is why she’s leaked these pics. She’s been in front of the camera for over 10 years, and still doesn’t know how to pose. My favorite thing about these pics is that they show how ungraceful and unsexy she is. She tries so hard and just doesn’t have it. No figure, she’s shaped like a stick, cankles, no calf muscles, no muscle tone at all, she’s a skinny blob.

  2. omfgitsKristen

    this is amazing. don’t care about the idjits who’ll come her calling her a boy. I love this. 10/10. that ass too <3

  3. Mickey Varco

    I figured she might have some of her own leaks somewhere’ a few of them are good but she gotta have some more that are a bit hardcore, – I’ve been waiting awhile for you to find something new on one’ve the best actresses and singers’ I hope you’ll find more on kristen or miley cyrus, I just want to see more on them please.

  4. Lou

    When I saw the title of this post my cock went straight through my pants. I’m not buying those shower photos being of her (tattoo on her back? Since when?). Damn shame.

    1. fred

      Agreed Lou, I looked through some google pics of her to see if she the tattoo, but couldn’t find anything. too bad..

  5. TRI

    I’ve been hearing about these pics for some time now. They aren’t the only ones. She’s been shopping some nudes around to private collectors for the past year. She has some rich Australian woman who kicks in financing for her flop movies in exchange for some lovin’ on the side, iykwim. The woman’s husband gets to watch, it’s very kinky. These pics make me laugh because they show what a slob Kristen is–clothes and shoes strew all over the room. I’ve heard her hygiene is just as bad. Sloppy.

  6. Michael

    She always looks serious. And she looks like serial killer with this glasses. Anyway, I hope this collection will be bigger. By the way, 10th and 18th photos aren’t her. Because she hasn’t tattoo.

  7. marian

    that picture is Miley Cyrus, she has that tatoo, she dated Stella maxwell too and the pictures are the Stella´s phone

  8. Dorf

    Stella Maxwell in these pics and also in Miley’s pics. If the photos came from Stella’s phone, could that pussy shot be Miley? She has some tattoos on her side.

  9. Monty Python and the Wholey Fuck I hate Zippos

    without the 5lbs of makeup she be butt ugly, see she plays for the other team

  10. ToplessGuy

    After all tjose wrestlers and nobodies, nice tk see someone real. Too bad it’s stupid stuff. I expected more… Prefer her topless in movie than in real life.

  11. SoKo

    What gets me, these are personal shots. There are no press about. Yet she still does not smile??? And who wears sunglasses indoors???

    I think this chick is Bi-polar as well as bi-sexual.

    And as for my chosen namesake, I’m glad she is out of SoKo’s life 🙂


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