Jill Scott Naked (2 Photos)

Jill Scott Naked from iPhone.

Jill Scott Naked 001

Jill Scott Naked 002

32 thoughts on “Jill Scott Naked (2 Photos)

  1. blackguy

    Everyone leaving negative comments on her are obviously white guys who love ugly skinny no curve having bjtches lime Cameron Diaz. Jill Scott is a beautiful black woman with curves in all the right places. If you can appreciate her then don’t look. The rest of will sit here and fap.

  2. GrowlingSilver

    WEEEEEELL DAAAAAAMN!!! Finally My Dreams Just Came True Damn It & Most Def’ I’ve Always Wanted To See Jill Scott’s Gorgeous & Curvacious Ass Naked!!! THANK YOU LORD GOD & YOU WEAK ASS HATERS CAN SHUT THE FUCK UP & Go Like Them Skinny & Boney & Frail Ass Chicks!!! She’s Built For Us Real & Honest Gentlemen Who Loves Big Beautiful Women & Pretty Thick Girls With Meat & Curves On Their Bones!!! Jill Scott Continue To Do You & Fuck These Haters Baby!!! I Love You & I Always Will!!! #TeamBigBeautifulWomenLover & #TeamPrettyThickGirlLover

  3. youareyou

    Jill is beautiful inside and out. This was just a reminder to anyone that there is no such thing as privacy or loyalty anymore. I hate that this happened to her. I met her once while shopping and she was so beautiful all I could say is “you are you”, and her reply w

  4. youareyou

    She is and will always be my favorite soul singer. She is human just like the rest of us. I met her once while shopping. She was so beautiful I forgot how to say hi. I just said “You are you”.


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