Jessica Alba Nude – The Killer Inside Me (2010) HD 1080p

Screenshots and clips with Jessica Alba from The Killer Inside Me (2010). Lou (Casey Affleck) reams Joyce‘s (Jessica Alba) sweet ass with a belt. In one long shot, the camera pans from face to butt, so it’s the real Alba butt! Happy birthday, Jess! Jessica Alba is an American actress and model, known for “Sin City”, “Awake” and “The Sleeping Dictionary”. Age 35 (April 28, 1981).


Jessica Alba Nude 1

Jessica Alba Nude 2 Jessica Alba Nude 3 Jessica Alba Nude 4 Jessica Alba Nude 5


8 thoughts on “Jessica Alba Nude – The Killer Inside Me (2010) HD 1080p

    1. TJ Hag

      Reply was posted before the above one was present. “NO” was in reference to the headline calling this Jessica Alba clip “nude”. Stop calling stuff nude when there’s not a stitch of nudity. Bare ass doesn’t count as nudity bozos.

  1. ballen

    alba her self have said it was NOT a body double, that it is her ass.
    remember it was after he pregnancy and she had a little flabbier butt

  2. This guy.

    1. wearing no clothes; naked.
    “a painting of a nude model”
    synonyms: naked, stark naked, bare, unclothed, undressed, disrobed, stripped, unclad, au naturel, without a stitch on, in one’s birthday suit, in the raw, in the altogether, in the buff; informalbuck-naked, butt-naked, mother-naked
    “nude sunbathers”

  3. Bullitt

    alba dont have so a fat ass,it is body-double,she is very very religious educated, she would never show naked in cinema / tv !!! this she had countless times told in interviews !!!! naked means = Career Off !!!
    So when someone says alba naked, it is a 100% fake !!!!
    in movie selima and john – “The Sleeping Dictionary” it is same,was a body double.
    only real little nude from alba is the one with the black top in street,that she have lift up a little and with some work in photoshop u can see her dark nipples,but all other pictures in full internet are unreal ones!!! 😉


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