Emily Bett Rickards Naked (2 Photos)

Leaked photos of Emily Bett Rickards. Emily Bett Rickards is a Canadian actress from television series Arrow.

Emily Bett Rickards Naked 01

Emily Bett Rickards Naked 02

39 thoughts on “Emily Bett Rickards Naked (2 Photos)

    1. andypandy58

      Don’t be a cheap twat. These are hollywood or international celebs and models, not your cheap ass local pinays. If you want pinays, asked for Fil-Am actresses or models. Now go back to your ABS-CBN bullshit you sheep wanker.

    1. max

      Holy shit I forgot about her. Been hoping for Arrow, Castle, and Dr. Who chicks (especially K.Gillan), but I forgot about Ruah…. Her body is just insane, and she’s done almost no skimpy photo shoots even.

      Can only hope there’s a new dump coming soon… Hints and rumors abound, but nothing means shit until it’s out there. These guys are obviously legends already, but let’s hope there’s at least one more big trick up their sleeves…

  1. Ryan

    I’m hoping for Amanda Knox. She alleges in her book that doctors/guards took naked photos of her during her strip search and medical exam, including her spreading her labia. If real, those have to be on some crappy Italian police server somewhere.

  2. Nick

    Yeah, she has a Windows phone now (thanks to her product placement deal with The CW) but this could have been taken by her boyfriend on a different phone. Or this could be a few years old before she had the Windows phone. Remember, some of the Jennifer Lawrence pics are up to 4 years old. Plus legit Kim Kardashian pics leaked and you can see her Blackberry in the pic. It’s not just limited to iPhones. Emily has her hair straightened on Arrow but she’s naturally wavy like the girl in the photo. Her eyes, eyebrows, hairline and nose are very close to the girl in the picture. I’m saying legit.

  3. jan

    lol it’s a photoshopped pic and not even a good one at that. for starters notice the non-existent long neck EBR actually has.

  4. My2Cents

    I don’t think the picture is fake but I’m not 100% sure it’s her. It does kinda look like her but the lighting is bad. who’s bathroom is that damn dark?


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