Claire Abbott Leaked (30 Photos + Videos)

Check it out new leaked photos of Claire Abbott + 2 vids. Claire Abbott is a Canadian singer-songwriter. Age: 19.


27 thoughts on “Claire Abbott Leaked (30 Photos + Videos)

  1. thanos

    i hade following her since she was 16-17 on facebook.
    she was big tease allways with bikini’s with those huge tits.
    the best leaked for a long time now.
    gongrats to the guy who did this.

  2. MScott

    Most of these pictures are years old, if not all of them. I have seen those mirror selfies with the bath tub and white/blue walls everywhere.

  3. AJ

    Another hunky wanna be celebrity, like Maitland Ward, with just an average body an face, whose only ways to boost their non existent careers is by “leaking” nude pictures. Any way thinking these are real leaks is a moron.

  4. Pussy Eater

    “Canadian singer-songwriter”. Hahahahaha. She’s an Instagram whore famous for having a nice rack and sucking Dan Bilzerian’s cock!

  5. Farting Frado

    Always awesome when a huge online cocktease gets photos leaked. AJ obviously has been rejected multiple times by an attractive woman like this,, most likely due to his insecurity over having a small penis, or he’d be celebrating this girl’s incredible body.

  6. ClubBot

    Why is the FileJoker download saying it can only be downloaded by a Premium member? Can these be uploaded so that anyone can download them?

  7. absolutely speechless

    words can’t describe this post…. whoever leaked this is, is simply a SAINT and nothing less… im speechless really… this is still unreal


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