Christina Aguilera Naked (6 Photos)

Old leaked nude photos of Christina Aguilera. Christina Aguilera is an American singer and songwriter. Age 34.


Christina Aguilera Naked 01

Christina Aguilera Naked 02

Christina Aguilera Naked 03

Christina Aguilera Naked 04

Christina Aguilera Naked 05

Christina Aguilera Naked 06

36 thoughts on “Christina Aguilera Naked (6 Photos)

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      1. Steven

        British people “can’t even speak English properly…” Lmfao Okay, dude. Go back to school and re-take History class. Maybe you can learn a thing or two, instead of fapping your braincells away, fucktard.

        1. Zak

          What the fuck are you on about The language is called ENGLISH. If anyone can’t speak it properly it’s the Americans. You need to get your facts straight before you start saying racist shit like this.

          1. Dom

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          2. Alexis

            In case you didn’t know retards…English is spoken by the people of England and Britain (yeah…they’re also called the English by some and, thus, the language English). So yeah, literally they are the reason why British colonized territories which includes America, speak English.

          3. JIM

            The majority of English speakers world wide are from the US not the relatively poor (per GDP PPP per capita) backward (most car owners can’t even change a tire there) UK or anywhere else that uses British English. So the language should be called American at some point.

      2. david

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      3. Kunstler

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        Most talented from America? Pfffffftttt. Never heard of The Beatles, Zeppelin, Queen. Stones, Bowie, U2, Pink Floyd, Genesis, etc., etc. I don’t think you can come up with too many American entertainers with more talent or popularity than any of these guys. Oh, OK, I;ll give you Micheal Jackson and Prince, but my guess is you don’t like blacks either.

      8. Iputasaddleonyourdaddyandbrokehimin

        WOW, There’s so many things wrong with you. All American culture is borrowed from other, better nations.

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  2. Jimmyota

    LOL what in the living fuck is going on in this comment section, I’m in stitches of laughter! I find it fascinating that a lot of American people don’t seem to understand that the English language comes from England. I’m Australian, and I speak English – which literally every single person on this continent understands as well, and that’s because the British Empire colonised Australia – as they did America.

  3. 2pac

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    1. X

      “2pac” – clearly can barely read or write. This dumb fuck isn’t capable of earning much anyway, so why complain about what people get pid?

    2. Biggie

      2pac …..your a complete and utter retard mate…half of the stuff you just wrote doesn’t make sense lol yet you speak better English than us? Well we have small streets? we are a broke country? Lol what part of the uk did you visit? I sincerely think you should re-evaluate everything you just said and learn to read and write before i even think to take your statement into account…..btw ladies and gentlemen..this is why siblings shouldn’t mate because you get skid marks like this ….have a nice day

  4. BilDeBerg

    You are all gay. Who sees pics of christina Aguilera and then posts comments about U.S. vs Britain? Goddamned idiots. Go to 4chan if you wanna fight.


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