Christina Aguilera Naked (3 Photos)

Check out the B&W photos of Christina Aguilera from Instagram, 02/15/2018. Christina Aguilera is an American singer, songwriter, actress, and TV star. Age: 37.


16 thoughts on “Christina Aguilera Naked (3 Photos)

  1. Doug

    Being nude is like being pregnant, you either are or not, if she was wearing suction cups on the intimates, then she would technically be clothed

    I think you need more nutrition pills because you arent thinking straight

    I doubt it

    Thank you for stating the obvious

  2. dmn

    In photography, naked/nude means the naked bits are showing in the image.

    If it appears like the model is nude, but the bits are not showing i.e. pasties could be in use, the term is implied nudity.

    So no, these are not nude photos, these are implied nude photos, but the headline could still be true, albeit misleading, in that Christina might very well have been naked at the time of the shoot.

  3. Slim Pedro

    I was referring to your normal question(s). Didn’t realize the very first post about being “naked” was you. Oops.
    To be honest I like seeing your posts. I find it comical.


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