Ariel Winter Sexy (8 New Photos + Video)

Check out the UHQ sexy photos and video of Ariel Winter by Danielle Levitt for Refinery29 (May 2017). Ariel Winter is an actress (Sofia the First, TV – 2017), singer, model from Los Angeles. Age: 20 years old.


Refinery29 ask Ariel about her love for the beach, what it’s like to be famous, and why it’s important to care for yourself above all else.

25 thoughts on “Ariel Winter Sexy (8 New Photos + Video)

  1. Leofarto DiCrapio

    Who is this bitch always posing for?

    There should never be food in any photos she’s in, especially what I am assuming is cakes shaped like sushi.

  2. Zippo

    There’s absolutely nothing and I mean NOTHING sexy about this ugly fat fucking pig! She needs to do us all a favor and drink some bleach.

  3. JACE

    So desperate for attention. All the chubby chasers give it to her so she goes around thinking she’s a supermodel.

  4. BBunsen

    I’d like to see the wives and girlfriends of all the guys complaining about how fat, gross, and ugly she is.

    If you think she’s so awful, why are you looking at her pics?

    1. fyoucocksucker

      So that the site owners know that we don’t like ugly, disgusting things – like Ariel Winter, Maitland Wart or Rat Cow’s face – and post more really sexy things, like Alison Brie uncensored leaks!

      You fatherfucking faggot!!!!

      1. Magrão

        The internet is open. You can search elsewhere. Or someone put a gun in your head and said: go to fappeningblog now or you die. (???)

        By the way, I could fuck her all day long 🙂

  5. Jb

    You people are dicks. She is beautiful naked or not. The ones calling her piggy need to go fuck themselves you are most definitely losers in your mom’s basements. Grow up and have some manners assholes.

  6. Shoot all zippos and sympathizers on site

    Don’t care if you spell it forwards, backwards or jumbled. All zippos and sympathizers should be shot on site. They’re like a parade of drama queens at madigras. In other words, they are grotesque.

  7. Marcel Miller

    If it wasn’t for money and being an easy lay that asshole she dates wouldn’t even give her the time of day

  8. flamecount

    Photographers are doing her a disservice by photographing her. She might think she’s attractive, however, in truth she’s just a FAT PIG and always will be

  9. fp79

    People going opposite to the general direction have a point: should all the comments scorn her body? The second photo (for example) may be seen as beautiful: plenty of curves… the cause may be “fat” but nonetheless they’re curves 🙂


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