Anna Kendrick Leaked (28 Photos)

Anna Kendrick leaked photos. Anna Kendrick is an american actress.

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77 thoughts on “Anna Kendrick Leaked (28 Photos)

      1. Davvie

        So can your mom, but of the 2 we only have video footage of your mom. But she does have a mean upper lip curl so she’s got that going for her.

        1. Beavis

          Alex, actually, it’s not.
          “Anna Kendrick Leaked (28 Photos)”
          No mention of nudity, hence, no nudity in the photos.

          1. jayjay

            Beavis, actually, it is. Look right above the comments section, below the last picture it has “tags”. The tags list “Anna Kendrick Naked” and “Anna Kendrick Nude”.

          2. zalamnov zipnitiopshov

            “This entry was posted in Anna Kendrick and tagged Anna Kendrick Naked, Anna Kendrick Nude on September 28, 2014. “

    1. Marko

      Sure, you googled, “Anna Kendrick NUDE,” but this is what came up instead. Quite frankly, I’m a bit disappointed that this article’s headline reads, “Anna Kendrick Leaked,” yet there are no photos of her in the midst of taking a piss.

  1. Sam

    I was really excited. She’s one of my favorites, but some of these look like a decent lookalike, but not her. Namely the halloween ones.

  2. Anon

    The “TheFappening” term is used for them celebrities ‘leaked’ photos. not necessarily nude photos. anna kendrick side boob doe

    1. Jeremy

      It can be whatever the fuck the person who made this site wants it to be you retard. Make your own site and you can post whatever the fuck you want.

  3. Bob Price

    There’a actually more of these than shown here although it’s more of the same. For example, I’ve seen three or four more pics of her sitting in front of the mirror and mirrored table with what looks like coke residue on it (which isn’t clear in the pic here). Shame on you Anna and your earlier boasts that your icloud would not harbor anything embarrasing. Also, in addition to the picture of her here with a joint, there’s another one of her with a weed pipe and I think more pics of her playing with Seagrams 7 bottles. She seems quite the little part girl.

  4. Rob

    It’s pretty obvious that Anna likes to party pretty hard. You can tell she’s on E or Mollie in some of these pics and 2 of them show clear signs of cocaine use. Check out the mirror photos with the dollar bills on the counter. In the first mirror photo you can see lines of white powder on the counter, on the right hand side of the pic. Scroll down a few more photos to the second mirror pic. It’s from another angle where her head is down and you can clearly see a dollar bill rolled up into a straw in the same spot where the white powder was in the previous photo. I like Anna but am a little disappointed in all the partying & drug use.

    1. john M

      I am a little disappointed in her drug use and partying… WOW! Are you a man? What a wuss statement. Who cares about your moralistic bullshit. How would you know what partying is? Calling the kettle black . eh mate?

    2. Cole

      Whats with the negativity toward drug use. People are fine with someone having a few glasses of wine at dinner. Its the same thing. Some substances are more or less potentially dangerous (for instance, marijuana is far less dangerous than alcohol) but adults should be allowed to make thier own decisions. I think its a bit hypocritical for someone visiting a site hosting photos that were illegally aquired to be judging an adult for deciding to take ANY substance.

      1. Yunta b.l.o. M.E. medical examiner

        If you look carefully you can see a cigarette cellophane with pills not come in it I would venture that she snorts oxycodone

    3. Cole

      Whats with the negativity toward drug use. People are fine with someone having a few glasses of wine at dinner. Its the same thing. Some substances are more or less potentially dangerous (for instance, marijuana is far less dangerous than alcohol) but adults should be allowed to make thier own decisions. I think its a bit hypocritical for someone visiting a site hosting photos that were illegally aquired to be judging an adult for deciding to take ANY substance.

  5. iluvgirlsfeet

    mmm I bet she has gorgeous small perky tits. I love her feet too.. she has gorgeous feet. bet that pussy is small and tight.

    1. john M

      Thats a problem. HMMMMM. A girl with talent makes millions. A jealous old nag says its a problem. HMMMM . who is in the wrong. . THAT IS THE PROBLEM

  6. Faptonius Maximus

    Get this shit off of here, who “hacked” these pics, her fucking agent??

    Doesn’t belong under the fappening tag!

    1. jayjay

      Well, she HAS tits and a pussy… so I want. The problem with this leak is that they’re not from her phone, they’re several years old, and most if not all of them have been available online for years. They’re from her Photobucket account, which I believe was public for awhile. If they hacked her phone, or her computer, they may find some naked pics, (even if she claims she doesn’t have any.)

      If she doesn’t have pics on her phone or computer, then maybe an ex boyfriend will have some. Director Edgar Wright dated her for years, so he probably has a few. I think she briefly dated Jake Gyllenhaal, and he strikes me as the type of person to keep naked photos of former girl friends. I think she’s dating a cinematographer now, but he’s not famous so I’m not sure if they would bother hacking his phone, (his name’s Ben Richardson in case a hacker reads this.)

  7. Franz

    Anna is a cute girl with some big ol’ breasts. Did you see her rockin the cleavage in that mermaid outfit on SNL last season? Yeah so kind of disppointed.

  8. Elusivefucker4

    These pics are great. Props to her for bein such a party girl and not being stupid enough to get her nudes hacked. Long live Jessica Stanley 😉

    1. JayJay

      That’s not her boyfriend. It’s her publicist, (Who is openly gay.) In some of the other photos she’s with another guy that’s a friend of hers that’s also openly gay. He’s in the picture where it looks like he’s going to kiss her neck. I believe both of these guys were/are her roommates.

  9. David

    Some of you guys know way too much about this girl. If I were her, I would be worried. She is beautiful and she is one of my favs. It’s nice to see she is a normal person with faults just like the rest of us. Just hope she keeps it under control.

  10. justsaying

    Showing a white woman kissing another woman is probably the most redundant thing you can possibly do. If she’s white and she’s a woman…………she’s lesbian, or as a minimum……bisexual.

  11. Jacques

    She is absolutely beautiful and she is allowed to kiss whoever she wants.

    Dont hate people cause your not them.

    Get a life

  12. Swell

    As one who dabbles in similar activities, I absolutely love that she’s a partier. And not just a basic partier, but a girl who’s not afraid to do a line, take a shot, and smoke a J. I love this girl more now. And because of pics like these, I always make sure to check the surroundings – on tables, counters, etc. when celebs take pictures. Never know what you’re gonna see.

  13. Jacob

    Anna makes my dick so hard it feels like it might actually rupture if I don’t release the tension. She is so goddamn fucking hot!

  14. Ambrose Grimm

    Imagine, to my surprise, as I casually sat in my cabin, searching for a passing thrill, I came upon a row of absurd proportion. Here they come, looking for leaked, hacked or stolen photos of Anna Kendrick. They complain when they see she does drugs. Judges said actress for “partying”… all the while complaining that they cannot gap to said actress because she has the audacity not to have nude photos. …some even use the word “love” and genuinely believe they mean it.

    …and so it begins between “honorable” group A who condemns her, and “honorable” group B who actually defends her. Both parties all the while a rapidly receding dick in hand, smell of shame and disappointment flooding their parents’ basement.

    Hi, I’m Ambrose Grimm. You may know me from pointing out obvious flaws in other poorly argued celebrity porn… but probably not. Tonight I observed some incredible authentic stalker-like behavior, where people argued to the point of anger in multiple facets of a complete stranger’s life based on their knowledge of her as an actress, and what they hear/see in the news, or can dig up on the internet. Those sitting in judgment are reflective of a broadening margin of people who behave in a fashion suggesting friendship, or emotional attachment of a person who not only does not know them, but if they knew them for the reasons why said person was defending, or protecting their good name, would be horrified.

    In my final thought on the matter, which means nothing, but I presume correct all the same, it can be established that friends do not make the effort to sift through photos of theirs friends looking for some kind of nudity while passing judgment.

    If not the action alone is questionable in comparison to the proclivities of the actress, the purpose of the action is morally objectionable, and the internet equivalent of attempting to view someone through their window.

    Anyone looking for leaked or stolen private nude photos of anyone – actress, singer, or school teacher – has some degree of villain in he (or she), and cannot take the moral high ground in passing judgment on the person for whom so strongly they want undressed. Equally, they’ve not the option of defending such a person, as you cannot stab someone you “care” for in the back, and claim to be their advocate while doing so.

    Frankly, I don’t care what she does. Party. Not party. Get naked… or not. I don’t know the woman, and cannot in any scope of imaginable reality imagine knowing her. Not in the literal of biblical sense. I can’t even for the sake of argument suspend disbelief long enough to pretend any scenario where I may run into her in a grocery, or chance passing her in traffic. It’s just not that important to me, and if is to you, then nudity, or rather the lack there of is the least problem, and you sits are terrifying.

  15. Chris Manning

    Anna Kendrick is the ultimate pocket rocket; I wholeheartedly believe that she would be the filthiest and tightest fuck alive, while being a right little nasty, evil bitch in the process. I am the sort of person who enjoys being put into a world of exquisite pain and I fully expect her to give me just this sort of treatment. And yes, I do live in hope of this…


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