Aly Raisman Sexy (8 Photos + Video)

Aly Raisman poses for new Aerie Real photoshoot (2018). Alexandra Rose (Aly) Raisman is an American gymnast. Age: 23 years old.


34 thoughts on “Aly Raisman Sexy (8 Photos + Video)

  1. Why

    Wait so your gonna put the gymnast who’s in the best shape of all these girls in the most clothing and the largest girl in the thong? Wtf? What a waste of a gymnast in your photo shoot.

      1. klawicki

        Why not? What more could they possible do to your client? He is currently going to be in prison until 2253. Which I think is a little cruel to his cellmates in 20 years or so.

  2. Phyuck Yiu

    Cause’ like I was sexualy assaulted, but
    I did not have the courage to admit it until
    after winning Olympic medals, and parlay
    that into making dollars.
    Mo’ money, mo money, mo money!!!

    1. klawicki

      And you WONDER why you are so alone that you have to self cut every night just to keep from jamming that blade into your artery and allowing yourself to bleed out and enjoy the sweet relief of death. And you wonder why that is never going to change.

    1. Argentus

      They really shouldn’t touch them up at all. She, in fact, refuses to have her photos touched up. It’s very brave, actually. …and that’s fine, because I’d touch those thighs all night long. Yum!

  3. Argentus

    What a terrible underwear line. All these gorgeous women, wearing crap my mom would feel was outdated. Enjoying the photos just the same. Rachel Platten is the only one that seems comfortable in her own skin, which makes her totally adorable.

  4. Argentus

    Sorry, can we have a few more shots of Rachel? I love Aly. She grew up near me, she’s an amazing, strong, and fucking gorgeous woman…. but Rachel was the star of this photo shoot. Just sayin’.


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